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  1. There are many programmers who want easy access to the file system of the virtual environment Windows Azure.
    Remote Desktop Connection is only a way that provides any Windows Azure Platform.
    hassle to make the certificate and there is no easy way to mount a local VHD.

  2. Update the CGI program file to Azure must be packaged in a deployment. There is no way to upload Local file easily to Azure.


  1. By deploying a WebService to publish information on a virtual driving environment Azure, the Internet from a client PC, you can also upload files of local information acquisition.
  2. Provides the client application to connect to the WebService on local PC, you can manipulate files on the local PC and Azure.
  3. To take advantage of the VHD Windows7, stored in a Blob storage Azure VHD files can be extended to mount the drive and Azure.

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  1. Config Password for ServiceConfiguration.cscfg.    <Setting Name="Credential" value="XXX" />]
  2. Deploy AzureDriveExplorer_Server packages to Azure
  3. Config the password of the Credential AzureDriveExplorer.exe.config similar to the client application Step1 <add key="Credential" value="XXX"/>
  4. Config the connection URL of a WebService AzureDriveExplorer.exe.config
  5. Double-click the AzureDriveExplorer.exe


V2 User Interface






V0.8 User Interface

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